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SJS Engineering staff meets the Saudi Arabia Delegation in connection with a journey throughout history and future context, sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Commerce and Investment. The SJS staff has been honoured and pleased to guest the Saudi Arabia entrepreneurs and introduce a presentation titled: How multimedia tools positively affect the project development. A presentation about the multimedia affection on an engineering and architectural project development, prompted to efficiently communicate the work potentialities to non-technical figures, beyond classical draws and tables.

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The SJS Engineering attended a course OICE on FIDIC contracts - 3/4 October 2016
The Course on FIDIC contracts organized by the Association in collaboration with the General Secretariat of the FIDIC, focused on Module 1 Advanced concerning the Red Book and Yellow Book.

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SJS Engineering, the Italian engineering in the world
Italian magazine Panorama has issued an article about SJS Engineering - N 38, page 106


В журнале "ПАНОРАМА" "№ 38 от 21ого сентября 2016 г. говорят о нас…