06 June 2014 In news 0 comment
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S.J.S. Engineering moves the Cheboksary Office at SUOR Textile factory (Ulitsa Kalinina, 107 - 428022 Cheboksary)

19 March 2014 In news 0 comment

At MIPIM 2014 the S.J.S. Engineering's President met Ladykov Aleksey, Head of Administration of the city Cheboksary, Chuvash Repubblic. They discussed about the concept of Cheboksary’s parks development.

Mr Lentini has noted the broad prospects for the development of design ideas for the Park Lakreevskij and for the Park "500th anniversary of Cheboksary," emphasizing the aspects of identity and culture that characterize these fascinating projects.
Aleksey Ladykov is ready to reinforce partnerships with leading experts in the sector of real estate and to adopt the most advanced technologies of construction and architecture. See the article at Official Website: http://gov.cap.ru/info.aspx?gov_id=81&;type=news&id=2732916

13 February 2014 In news 0 comment

S.J.S. Engineering Staff attends the Workshop "Novi Cheboksary (Russian Federation): opportunities for Made in Italy" organized by Internovation in collaboration with ITA (Italian Trade Agency); an intervention will be made by Mr. Michelangelo Lentini.